Thank you for taking time to read about my background.  My name is Marek Dvonc and I have been practicing as an integrative counsellor/ psychotherapist since 2011.  I had completed Diploma in therapeutic counselling in 2012,  Diploma in CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) 2016, and Diploma in Trauma (traumatology) 2018. 

Over the years I have developed various ways of working with a wide range of difficulties my clients find challenging to manage.  I commenced counselling clients in 2011 at the Centre for Better Health followed by counselling children in 2013 at the Place2be. Presently, I run my private practivce and counsel adults at the Richmond Borough Mind since 2015.

I support my clients throughout their therapeutic journey with diverse presenting challenges such as anxiety, depression, addiction, bereavement, self- esteem/confidence, early childhood trauma (emotional, physical, sexual), relationships, marital problems, emotional neglect and many more difficulties which have a  negative impact.  
Therapeutic Approach 

In a nutshell, my therapeutic approach is an Integrative.  This means that I bring different aspects from other approaches such as psychodynamic, person centred and CBT approach together.   Becasue we all differ from one another and as the old saying says, "one pair of shoes does not fit all",  I work with you and your life experiences.

This is not always easy to revisit certain parts of your life that have a close connection to negative memories which became remembered in you, your mind and your body.   They tend to escalate or transition to anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, relationship problems which cause you an unwanted distress in daily life. 

​Therefore, I tailor an individual way of working with your challenges, in order for you to become able to start managing them in a way that feels okay.  Moreover, we would be able to explore ways of finding an inner strengh that has been blurred over the years of despair and inability to stay in a present moment. 

How does therapy work?

People often ask me about the benefits of counselling/psychotherapy, and how it can help them to change their lives.  I believe that counselling and psychotherapy may support you in many different ways.  For example, if you struggle to manage your feelings in situations where you need to be fully present and able to engage with others.  It also provides you a space wherein you can bring any concerns you have, you can not speak of or are afraid of voicing elsewhere.  Everyone of us is unique in their own way, and has different needs and goals to be fulfilled.  I support my clients on their journeys towards positive changes, and believe that each client has the answers deeply embedded within themselves,  whatever they are.   At times we do not realise that we already have strength and skills which are unseen, unrecognised and need a support from a therapist in order to be rediscovered. 
What are the benefits of having a therapy?

The benefits  you may gain from therapy vary and include: 

  • being able to manage anxiety, depression, anger, stress, sleep
  • finding a balance in your life
  • understanding the causes of your challenges
  • being able to recognise triggers of your unhelpful behaviours 
  • trying new behaviours which produce better results 
  • beginning to approach life in a more open way
  • being able to build skills that you may need in social situations 
  • setting goals you have been postponing and working towards achieving them
  • building confidence
  • reconnecting or connecting with your partner, spouse on a more intimate/ emotional level
  • improving your sex life

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